63rd Reunion Picnic

August 18, 2022, at the Tacoma Country & Golf Club

About the Event:

This reunion event was the first that we’ve held in the three years since the 60th reunion in 2019.  At that event, a consensus was reached among all those in attendance that we should hold an event every year.  The COVID pandemic, however, which began in the Spring of 2020, prevented us from doing another one until this year. 
This event was well attended.  Forty-four people signed up for it and of those people who signed up, 40 people attended.  The featured activity of the event was a special presentation of an award to Charlie Bergeron for his outstanding leadership of the reunion committee since the first reunion in 1969.  Charlie was the chair for 10 events up to and including the 60th Reunion in 2019. 
He was presented with an attractive framed Award certificate along with a Visa gift card for $250. A photo of the award certificate is included in the photo album for the event.  In addition, it was declared that Charlie and his wife Mary Sue would attend all future events free of charge (This year’s event was included – his check to Gail Kieffer was voided and returned to him during the presentation ceremony).  Several classmates donated cash to Charlie’s award and gifts.  Their donations ranged in amount from $50 to $150.  Special thanks to all of those who so generously contributed.
The event was blessed with warm, sunny weather.  Classmates were able to gather at or roam among several nicely decorated tables to converse with classmates.  A delicious selection of salad ingredients, rolls, and cookies was spread in a buffet arrangement.  Many professional quality photos were taken by Gail Kieffer’s partner, Lin Wicks.  The photos are posted in an album format in the section of this website entitled “PHOTO ALBUMS”, which is included as a link at the left margin of the home page.
Our thanks to the committee members who put in the time to organize the event and to all the classmates who attended to make it a success.