Our next class lunch event will be on October 16, 2024 

Stay tuned for the details  


Until then, be well dear classmates!




June 5th Reunion Lunch


At The Ram Restaurant in Lakewood



(Event Photos in the PHOTO ALBUM section)


ATTENDEES:  Gary and Helga Thomas, Don Alsbury (Eileen), Jim McCoy (Cindy), Art Barrett (Shelee), Rich Burnite, JoMary Schmaltz Thompson (Dave), Bill Baty (Elaine), Rosellen Sieg Paolino (daughter Susan), George Kelley (Marilyn), Susie Strickland Iverson, Dave Paup (Joanne), Rich Longstreth (Judy), Gail Lewis Kieffer (Lin), Charlie Siegmund and Linda Burgoyne Bassett, Ann Cook Darrah (Mike).


Thanks to all who were able to join us for lunch and camaradarie.  Great crowd!  Once again, we had a pleasant event filled with lots of relaxed chatter, tasty food, and bright sunshine.  We were served a cobb salad buffet, and as usual, The Ram servers did a great job.


After everyone was settled and finished with lunch, Gail gave us an update on Joe Kempston, who is recovering from heart surgery at home.  The news was good and it was encouraging for his continuing improvement.  A card was sent "from classmates" wishing him a speedy recovery.


Dave Paup, who owns a cookie business, "Cookies in Bloom" (www.cookiesinbloom.com), brought samples of his cookies.  Thanks Dave, they were yummy.  


Our next reunion luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2024, at The Ram in Lakewood.  More information will follow at a later date.  We would be delighted to see more of our classmates at the next event.  Catching up is great fun.


Please visit our website (www.cloverpark1959.com) for updates.  Rich Longstreth keeps the updates current.




Gail Lewis Kieffer ggkieffer@aol.com 

Rich Longstreth  ptinc72@comcast.net 

Ann Cook Darrah  dmichael75@comcast.net 


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February 8th Reunion Lunch


At the RAM Restaruant in Lakewood


(Event photos in PHOTO ALBUM section)


“A happy and relaxing event.”  That seems to aptly describe the reunion lunch event that was held on February 8th at the Ram Restaurant in Lakewood.  

Attending the event were 16 classmates, plus 8 guests.  Another 6 paid but were unable to attend.  Plus, 4 others who have been regular attendees were not able to attend.  If everyone had attended, including those who are regulars, there would have been a total of 34 people, which would be an excellent turnout for our stage and age.


The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful with lots of chatter.  A tasty taco bar with ample variety was set up for casual eating.  A wall of large windows created a well-lit atmosphere.  A large fireplace added to a cozy ambiance.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time. The only problem was that with so many people, there was time to speak with only a few of those in attendance.  So, to allow more time for catching up, it was unanimously agreed that we would have another lunch in early June.  Details of the next event will be available in a month or so.


Bring photos you think might be of interest to your friends.  Rich Longstreth says he plans to bring a collection of photos of classmates at parties in Junior and High School, including a couple that were taken at slumber parties.  You will likely recognize several familiar faces.


We hope to see you at the June event!


Special Note:  Dave Paup attended the event and revealed that he is still actively involved with his business, which is cookies.  He has a website:  www.CookiesInBloom.com   When you have a few free minutes, check it out.  It is fun to see so many kinds of cookies and the many ways they are packaged and presented.  Plus, Dave said that he plans to attend in June and will be bringing a selection of cookies for us to sample.  Yum!


** Thanks go to Gail Kieffer and her friend Lin Wicks for taking several photos at the event.  The photos have been added to PHOTO ALBUMS on the website:  www.cloverpark1959.com  


As always, we are looking forward to seeing each of you at the next event! 

Best wishes to all for a happy, safe, and healthy remainder of 2024.
Your Reunion Committee.


Attendees of the 63rd Reunion Picnic - Photo by Lin Wicks
Attendees of the 63rd Reunion Picnic - Photo by Lin Wicks


64th “Reunion” Lunch Event - A Lively and Fun Experience 

(See photos in PHOTO ALBUMS)
On September 12th, a total of twenty-five people, which included seventeen classmates and eight guests, met for a relaxing and lively lunch at Bur's restaurant in Lakewood. The event was held mid-week, at noon, for maximum ease of attendance.  Everyone had a good time conversing with different people.  The event was purposely kept simple without extravagant fanfare.  The result was a casual and relaxed experience. 
The venue was a test to determine whether a restaurant was a good place to hold the event.  While it was great, as usual, to see our friends, the conclusion was that a different setting would be more suitable for our next event. The reason for that conclusion was that the room, while private, was noisy, which made conversation challenging for those of us with less-than-perfect hearing - there were too many hard surfaces.  Also, the configuration of the tables was not the best.  There were three long tables for seating, which made conversation with different people a bit challenging. The high noise level meant that you often had to get up and walk to the person you wanted to talk with, and there wasn't always a seat available to sit and chat. 

A final consideration for this venue was that the cost per person would be low ($21).  Despite the challenges, everyone seemed to enjoy themself.  We all managed to make opportunities to do some precious catching up with different classmates.  Toward the end of the event, Gail Kieffer, got everyone’s attention to discuss a date for our next one.  The consensus was that we should have another casual lunch event sooner rather than later.  Hence, the end of January 2024 was the popular choice. 

To ensure that we have a quieter venue that allows easy mixing with classmates, and is easy to get to.  The cost per person is likely to be a bit higher than it was for this event.  Before the end of the year, the committee plans to have details to distribute to classmates regarding a first-of-February 2024 event.
As always, we are excited to see each one of you at the next event! 

Best wishes to all for a happy, safe, and healthy remainder of 2024.
Your Reunion Committee.

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Our 63rd Reunion Picnic Event, "Honoring Charlie", Was a Success!

The event was well attended.  Warm, sunny weather greeted classmates and guests.  Several circular tables were nicely set for comfortable socializing and eating while having a spectacular view of a sparkling American Lake.  The food was healthy and tasty and was available buffet style.  The event's highlight was a surprise ceremony to honor Charlie Bergeron for his 50 years of committee leadership, which produced 10 successful reunion events.

See the "63rd Reunion Picnic" tab at the left margin for details.
A photo album for the event has been added.

The photo above is a group photo of all who attended the Reunion Picnic.

November 17th, 2022, Event at Meadow Park Golf Club:

A total of 19 people attended this recent event.  Another 7 signed up but canceled at the last minute due to injury, illness, and other unavoidable issues.  So, if everyone had been able to attend, there would have been at least 26 attendees.  Based on the actual attendance, the no-shows, and the time of the year, we guess that the next event, in the Spring, will likely have a much higher attendance.
Everyone liked this venue.  It has good potential for future events.  Everyone agreed that we should do it there, again, in the spring.  The setting was pleasant for a large group.  The menu was good for a lunch event.  The single-level and level-entry-layout were also appealing.  Plus, Meadow Park Golf Club is easy to get to with good parking. So everyone was in good spirits and having a good time.
Be sure to note on your calendar that we will be doing it again in the Spring. The date will be determined in January, and an email notification will be sent out.  Even though this one was the 3rd “reunion” event since August, a lot of classmates seem to be up for multiple events during the year.  Our age undoubtedly has something to do with it.
We hope to see you at the next one!  It will be a great opportunity to let your teenage self come out.

Classmates who have recently left us:

Roger Woodcock, April 11, 2020, Lebanon, OR
Donna Michaelson Ruthardt, March 11, 2022, Beaverton, OR
Brian McGuire, February 11, 2022, Palm Springs, CA
John McConaghy, October 26, 2021, Sarasota, FL

Neva Jo Berg Conzatti, July 22, 2020, Centralia, WA
Dawn Walker Baty, June 29, 2021, Gig Harbor
Audrey Ockfen Charles, February 21, 2020, Sacramento, CA
John Link, September 2, 2020, Tacoma
George Ivie, April 2020
Gary Wooten, April 2020

Mel Neighbors, February 23, 2020, University Place

Amazing Sketch of Jerry Storvick

In "PROFILES" at the left margin, see the larger rendering of this amazing sketch of Jerry along with the story about the sketch and how we came into possession of it. 
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let us know of a classmate who has passed away and is not on the list. 
Your help is greatly appreciated.  If you have information,
please contact Gail Keiffer, Ann Darrah, or Rich Longstreth. 


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