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Rich Longstreth
Retired Married 2
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John McConaghy
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July 10, 1941 Retired/Yacht Deliveries/ Internet Greeting Cards Committed Relationship 3

I am living in Sarasota, FL and loving it. My 3 daughters love visiting here with their families where it is usually nice and warm and sunny. I do yacht deliveries which gives me the chance to drive some very nice boats that I can not afford to own and my wonderful partner, Nessa, and I have started an internet business where we provide fun and  entertaining video greeting cards.

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Jim McCoy
Director of Marketing Married
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October 13, 1941 ACCTG. MANAGER Divorced 3
I want to thank all the people who worked so hard to make this reunion memorable. I enjoyed the warmth of the people who greeted me.
I have enjoyed a happy life - my biggest accomplishment has been watching my children become responsible adults. My oldest son is a teacher, Lisa is a missionary in China - she has 6 children (2 adopted Chinese). She has written a book about her experience with raising Levi who was a burn victim. Please try to read it. "Saving Levi" by Lisa Misraje Bentley.
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Sid Olson
August 19, 1941 Retired, part time bookkeeper at our church Married 2
I married Ann Jones (class of 1960) in 1965. We have had a good live together, reaising two wonderful children and enjoying 4 lively grandchildren (18, 10, 6 and 2). After college at the University of Puget Sound, I worked for 5 years as an analyst for Boing and then for 30 years as a manager for the Washington Deparment of Social & Health Services in Olympia. Also, on the side, for 20 years I worked with my dad  and two brothers in the land development and apartment construction business. Now Ann and I enjoy traveling and living the good life with family, friends and each other. Send Sid a MessageSend Sid a Message
Robert Reese
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Profile picture
July 10, 1941 Retired Married 2
Living in Arizona.  Visit my website for a complete bio of my life.  You can also visit my other website to see what I do in my spare time.
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Peggy Rice (Rice Gliksman)
March 03, 1941 Self employed semi retired Divorced 2
All is good. Not sure if I will make the 60th reunion.  Best to all.

Peggy Rice
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Darlene Schubert
November 14, 1939 RETIRED PARALEGAL Widowed 3
Been a few changes inmy life Dave has become Darlene. Be 80 thus year live on 20 acres just south of Arlington, Wa 98223 My phone # is AC 360  435-4833 - Have fond memorie of Clover Park - Will try to make reunion but health may prevent. Send Darlene a MessageSend Darlene a Message
David Schubert
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Retired Committed Relationship 5
Was retired but started a new business "Professional Scanner" as I do legal work as a Certified Paralegal. Live on 20 acres up in Arlington, Wa. Have all kinds of critters here, and it's very quiet and enjoyable here.
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Ruth Siglea (Sprenkel)
August 12, 1941 Retired Secretary Married 3
I'm looking forward to the 50th reunion and when I viewed the memorial list I was stunned.  Some of the people I had seen at the 40th reunion.  

I would be interested in hearing from anyone from the class of 1959.  I especially would like to hear from Doris and Deloris Denton, Sue Johnson and Delindo Orlandini.  I had made contact with Doris and Delindo (Lindy) but lost all my email addesses when I changed computers.

Hope to see you next year.

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