E-mail or mail us any photos you have with names and notes about them.  We'll put them in a photo album on this page.   We'll return your photos after we scan them.  Thanks!

Send the photos to Rich Longstreth at:

      richsl99@gmail.com  (for e-mailed attachments)

or, mail your photos on CD or a USB flash drive to Rich at:

       (Email for my mailing address - it depends on the time of year)

NOTE:  You can copy and paste any of the photos directly from the website.  Just put the cursor on the photo, do a right mouse click and select "Copy".  Then you can paste it into a Word document.  Once you create the photo in a Word document, you will be able to print it out or email it as an attachment.


To view or print a copy of the Guest List for the 55th Reunion Picnic:

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Pictures that show up sideways need to be rotated offline and need to be uploaded again.