Yes!  The traditional August Brown Bag picnic was held.

Special thanks to Monica Gius Cuellar for organizing the annual August picnic.

Picnic Site
Picnic Site
Clover Park High School Class of 1959
Brown Bag Picnic

When:   TBA
Time:    TBA
Where:  Point Defiance Park
    (at the Rustic Picnic Area)

Hope to see you in August, 2017! Place, date, and time will be announced in the summer.
Monica Gius Cueller: (253) 588-8594
Brown Bag Picnic
Relaxing at the Park
Relaxing at the Park

When: TBD
Where: Point Defiance Park - Tacoma
5400 North Pearl Street
Ruston, WA
United States
Rustic Picnic Site

The Rustic Picnic site is located on the east side of the park nearest the bay.  When you enter the park, veer to the left onto Roberts Garden Drive and drive a short ways until you intersect with 5 Mile Rd.  Turn left on 5 Mile Rd go past the Main Picnic Area to the Rustic Picnic Area a short distance beyond on your right.