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Jerry Storvick
A faculty Icon
12-31-1929 to 3-3-2018

We were fortunate to have many excellent teachers at Clover Park High School.  Each of us has 2 or 3 or more who we can remember as our favorites or has someone who made a special impact our life.  If we were able to see a list of all of our classmates showing those teachers, my guess is that Jerry Storvick would be mentioned often and maybe most often. 

Jerry was not only a good Social Studies and Contemporary Affairs teacher, he made every class day fun and interesting.  And he had a way about him of making every person he spoke with feel that they were a special person.  And, Jerry really did feel that we each had something special to offer.  Each of us who had Jerry as a teacher, or simply knew him has a fondly-remembered incident or experience to recount.

If you have something to share that you remember about Jerry, please take the time to put it in the "Blog" section.

Here is the Obituary that appeared in the Tacoma and Olympia newspapers this past weekend.
Jerry Storvick Obituary
Jerry Storvick, 88, was born in Albert Lea, MN on 12-31-1929. He died on 03-03-2018 in Lacey, WA. Jerry attended high school in Albert Lea, MN and then spent four years in the U.S. Navy. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and the University of Wyoming with a Master of Education in Educational Guidance. He worked as a teacher, a high school counselor, and a public services coordinator from 1957-1990. He held local, state, regional, and national offices in counseling services to high school students. He is survived by sister-in-law, Lynn Storvick, and family in Columbia, MO. He appreciates family, neighbors, friends, students, their families, and staff with whom he worked. He wishes everyone could receive as much personal satisfaction and gratification from their choice of life work as he did. "Always look for the good in others. It is there," he was known to say. No local services are planned. Interment will take place at Round Prairie Lutheran Church in Glenville, MN.
Published in The Olympian on Mar. 11, 2018
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Monica Gius ( Cuellar)
March 12, 1941 Widowed 8

Hi clasmates,
  I am busy trying to get in touch with you all, to let you know the commitee's plans for our plans to get together next year for our 60th reunion.
  Please help by letting me know your information so you don't miss anything.
     It is alot of fun catching up with old friends.   YES that means YOU     SO looking forward to seeing you!   MONICA                   

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Ann Gasperetti ( Thiery)
Profile picture
March 16, 1941 Retired Married 2

HI all,
A big thanks to Charlie for his work over the years with all of our reunions.  Wow it's hard to believe it's been 50 years, it seems like yesterday...where has the time gone. 
It was so sad to see how many of our classmates have passed on.  It's hard to believe.  
See you at the reunion in August.

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susan fogg (austin)
August 22, 1941 semi-retired/retail Single Again 2
Missed the last reunion, went sailing instead.
Up for this one, though.
I'm grateful for you faithful committee folks.
Thank you so much for this organized opportunity
to reconnect.
See you in August!
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Marian Ayers (Bailey)
Profile picture
December 22, 1941 retired - retail & service swimming pool Married 2
I plan to come this year - retirement is great.  Can't believe it has been 50 years.   Hope I recognize some of you.  Until then   Marian Send Marian a MessageSend Marian a Message
July 15, 1941 RETIRED Married 7
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Evelyn (Sue) Olson (Barrett)
August 02, 1941 Retired Widowed 1
I have 2 Grandkids a boy 20 and a girl 25 and my Grandaughter just had her 1st baby so I am now a Great Grandma and am loving it. Send Evelyn  (Sue) a MessageSend Evelyn (Sue) a Message
Charlie Bergeron
Retired Teacher Married

Get in touch with me: (253) 584-5216;

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Linda Lunger (Burgess)
August 20, 1941 Executive Secretary Divorced 1
Hi everyone.  I thought I had already done this - hope folks are still looking at the website.  I love this website - great work Rich!!!! 

Life has taken me from Lakewood to Federal Way, to Olympia, to Lacey, to Geneva, Switzerland, to Lakewood, to Mercer Island, to Lacey.  Right now I am in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  I retired from Federal and State government work in 2007, but am a reservist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and travel about nine months of the year helping out on disasters.  Right now I am in an office that is finishing project worksheets for Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike.   No adrenalin flowing, but good solid work and I know I am helping the process of getting people back into their homes and rebuilding their lives. 

The other months find me at home in my 35-ft. Alpenlite fifth wheel at Lost Lake Resort in Nisqually, living in old growth forest, feeding the squirrels visiting family and friends.  I love that too. 

I had two children of my first marriage.  Randy, my youngest, passed in 2003.   My oldest son, Dale, lives in University Place and has a handyman business following a career of general contractor and instructor at a minimum security prison near Little Rock, WA for Pierce College and the State of Washington. 

Randy's daughter, my granddaughter, is 18 and just started University of Washington. 

Life has been good to me off and on over the years.  Right now, I am happy and healthy and enjoying it. 

I had such a great time at the reunion.  I was on the committee, but I want to publicly thank all the rest of the committee members who did so much, so enthusiastically.   It was fun to participate and get to know them better.

Please write when you find time.  I love keeping in touch. 
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jill murphy (carle)
May 10, 1941 Retired CPA Married 3
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Gudrun Eastham
May 03, 1941 retired County Gov; seamstress recently Divorced 2
I live contentedly again in Southern California in my late parents' home where my cat and I enjoy easy living 15 minutes from Pacific surf and sand; four grandchildren and their parents visit "Nana" frequently mainly because they love beign with her and the ocean nearby.  I regret deeply that I am unable to attend reunions but please know that I keep you all in mind.  May you be well and continue to have enjoyable moments as you reminisce about our times together at Clover Park.   Send Gudrun a MessageSend Gudrun a Message
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