Your order for these items is done directly by you with the Seattle supplier, Prep Sportswear, through this page.   If you want to know more, click on a "Click to Buy Now" button to go directly to the Prep Sportswear site.

You will be able to customize your sweatshirt, t-shirt, or golf shirt on their site (e.g., include our year - 1959, 50th Reunion, etc...).  

You will pay Prep Sportswear directly for your purchase(s) (i.e., we, The Reunion Committee, are not involved in the transaction).

Contact Rich Longstreth if you would like more information: Logo School Logo Prep Sportswear Logo
Welcome to the Reunion Store. You can PERSONALIZE ITEMS with your name, number, year, design and of course our school name. THERE ARE NO MINIMUMS and items are shipped to you directly from the factory.

Click on any "Buy Now" button and you will be brought to a page where you can choose from MANY MORE ITEMS (T-Shirts, Hooded Crewnecks, Sport Shirts, Golf Apparel, Jerseys, Outerwear, Fleece, Bottoms, Accessories, Headwear and more).
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