The reunion committee will remain active as we look ahead to our next event. Charlie Bergeron will continue to preside, expecially since he was officially voted President For Life at the reunion dinner.  We will continue posting information to this page about The Committee's activities.  Please visit this page often.  If you would like to attend a committee meeting, please notify Charlie at at least two weeks before the meeting date.

Be sure to stay in touch...

(TBD), 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, Tacoma Country and Golf Club, Lakewood.  Contact Charlie Bergeron or Ann Cook Darrah if you would like to attend.

RESULTS FROM THE September, 2018 COMMITTEE MEETING:  The Committee meeting, which was held at the RAM restaurant in Lakewood, was mostly informal.  The only business that was conducted was to confirm the date and time of the next meeting, which is Thursday, January 17th, 1:00 to 3:00, at the Tacoma Countty & Golf Club.  HAPPY NOLIDAYS!
Minutes submitted by:                         Contact:
Ann Cook Darrah                                 Charlie Bergeron
253-582-1978                                      253-584-5216          


(NOTE:  If your name does not appear on this list, or
there is an error, contact Charlie B. for a correction)
An * by a name indicates the classmate is deceased.

Andres Chapman, Linda
Baty, Bill & Dawn Walker
Bergeron, Charlie (Mary Sue)
Bitar, Helen
Bristow Sherwood, Judy (and sister Pam Cason)
Burgoyne Bassett, Linda (Charlie Siegmund)
Burnite, Rich
Cables Staeheli, Estrellita
Cook Darrah, Ann (Mike) 
Gasperetti Thiery, Ann
Gius Cuellar, Monica
Johnson, Bert
Johnson Gabriel, Linda
Kelley, George
Kempston, Joe (Cherry) 
Lewis Keiffer, Gail
Longstreth, Rich (Judy)
Lunger Burgess, Linda
Madison, Sharon (photoghrapher)
McCoy, Jim (Cindy)
Nelson Murphy, Sharon
Olsen Barrett, Evelyn (Sue)
Rich Versaw, Margie
Schmalz Thompson, JoMary (Dave) 
Sieg Paolino, Rosellen
Siegmund, Charlie & Linda Burgoyne Bassett
Swart Dickson, Earlana 
Thompson, Marie
Wilson Alness, Ann (Bob) 
Young Jr., Frank (Susan)